Ways on How to Store Freshly Milled Flour

30 May 2022

Thrashed wheat berries consist of three parts, the bran, the germ and the endosperm. After the milling process, the nutritional formula of the bran and the germ breaks down rapidly. The oils contained in the germ will make the flour turn rancid. For this reason, both the bran and the germ are separated from all-purpose flour. Once this flour contains just the endosperm, its shelf life will be extended.

However, flour that is freshly milled contains all three parts of the wheat berry. This gives it exceptional nutritional value. Yet, if it is carelessly stored, it can become rancid quickly.

Best Ways to Store Freshly Milled Flour

The ideal ways to store freshly milled flour to ensure lasting freshness include the following:

• Flour Storage at Room Temperature. Using your freshly milled flour rapidly will give you the highest degrees of nutritional value and benefit. Yet if you mill flour before you need to use it, the flour will stay fresh for only three days. If you live in a humid or hot climate, your milled flour may lose its freshness even before three days have passed.

Ensure that the container that you select for storing this flour is highly resistant to moisture and pests. Before using the flour, smell it to make sure that it has not turned rancid.

• Flour Storage in the Fridge. You can safely store freshly milled flour in the refrigerator for four to seven days. It should be kept in a container that is resistant to moisture. Both Tupperware and Ziploc bags work quite well. Make a habit of checking your milled flour for smell and moisture before each use.

• Flour Storage in the Freezer. Storing freshly milled flour in the freezer is especially recommended for anyone who does not use the flour within a few days. By storing this flour in your freezer, you can eliminate the need to label the containers with the mill dates.

It is always helpful to have a small amount of freshly milled flour available for those times when you want to make a sauce thicker, dust a surface or try out a partial whole wheat recipe. You can actually store recently milled flour in your freezer for as long as six months.

Before storing your flour, ensure that the container is freezer safe, resistant to moisture and tightly sealed. The flour should also be stored at a distance from the freezer light. Again, be sure to smell the flour for freshness before you use it.

By consulting our experts at Waldner Grain Mills located in Brunswick East, Victoria, you can gain valuable information and advice about storing freshly milled flour safely. Our experienced professionals will ensure that you fully understand all aspects ofusing Waldner Grain Mills products and how to store your freshly milled flour.

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