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Waldner Grain Mills Australia is the leading grain mills distributor of Waldner biotech grain mills, flockers, and baking accessories in Australia and New Zealand. Our company has been in the business for more than 11 years and we provide retail sales, service, and support for all Waldner biotech grain mill products imported from Austria. Our products are made available for domestic and household use particularly for home grain milling for bread makers, bakers, and home cooks alike. We also cater to medium-size businesses such as health food shops and boutique bakeries for smaller commercial mills.

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Become a Reseller for Waldner Biotech Products

Waldner Grain Mills Australia is accepting resellers for all Waldner biotech products which include grain mill products, flockers, and baking accessories.

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Why Mill Your Own Flour?

Milling your flour allows you to make superbly nutritious and flavourful flour from select and blended grains. This allows you to experience the finest taste of the food that you’re making without the added preservatives. Your new and freshly milled flour will take your bread to the next level from its aroma and taste, and more specifically in terms of its nutritional value.

Waldner biotech mills are crafted to exacting standards in Austria and come with guarantees of up to 8 years in domestic use. The beautiful, larch, stone pine and alder wood timbers used for each mill is grown sustainably and selected for their exceptional quality and anti-bacterial properties. The millstones are high-grade corundum/ceramic and are self-sharpening.

Whether you’re a home baker, a caterer or a commercial store owner, you can buy directly from our Online Shop. Our friendly support team will be happy to assist you if you have any questions about our products.