Grain Crusher – Hand driven: Flocker by Waldner biotech

Grain Crusher - Hand driven: Flocker by Waldner biotech

This beautifully crafted grain crusher is of exceptionally high quality, manufactured in Austria from sustainable Ash timber.


On back order; partial shipment

This hand operated grain crusher is manufactured in Austria to the highest standards. It is simple to set up and clamps to a bench or table.

Use your Flocker to quickly prepare fresh and healthy porridge or muesli each morning. No nutritional value or flavour is lost when you roll your grain and eat immediately. Flakes can also be used for salads and baking etc as required. The crushing mechanism is easily adjustable to allow you to control the thickness of flakes produced.

The crusher is backed up with a two year manufacturers guarantee.

The crusher is suitable for many grains including oats.

Wooden Casing: Solid Ash

Measurements h/w/d: 27/11/10 cm

Weight 1.8kg

Guarantee: 2 years



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